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Peclavus is a distinguished brand in the natural and professional cosmetics industry, focusing on foot care products. Founded on the principle of merging traditional herbal knowledge with the latest scientific findings, Peclavus offers an extensive range of highly effective products designed to meet the specific needs of every skin type and foot condition.

The philosophy behind the Peclavus brand is rooted in the use of high-quality natural ingredients sourced from responsible and sustainable suppliers. These include plant extracts, essential oils, and bioactive compounds that work together to nourish, regenerate, and protect the skin on the feet. Peclavus is committed to avoiding harmful or controversial substances such as parabens, silicones, and mineral oils in its products.

The Peclavus product line encompasses foot creams, specialized treatments for issues like corns, cracked skin, and fungal infections, as well as products for the overall well-being of the feet. Each product is formulated with the specific needs of the skin in mind, ensuring optimal results and a lasting sensation of comfort.

Peclavus extends beyond mere foot care; the brand advocates for a holistic approach to wellness, emphasizing the importance of caring for the entire body. This is reflected in their choice of ingredients, respect for the environment, and commitment to ethical manufacturing practices.

The success of the Peclavus brand lies not only in the quality of its products but also in its dedication to innovation and sustainability. The brand is constantly seeking new ways to improve its products and processes, aiming to offer consumers foot care solutions that are effective, safe, and environmentally friendly.

In conclusion, Peclavus represents excellence in foot care cosmetics, providing products that combine efficacy, naturalness, and respect for the environment. With its wide range of products, Peclavus stands as a benchmark for those seeking professional solutions for foot wellness, promoting a holistic approach to body care.



Prague 3, Cimburkova 376/5, 130 00


Phone: +420 777 042 802

Branch office in Most: Mikoláše Alše 2099/8, 434 01


Phone: +420 777 042 802

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