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Revitalize Your Career with Amazing Beauty Academy: Your Path to Expertise in Permanent Makeup. We introduce an exclusive platform for all beauty enthusiasts who want to elevate their skills and knowledge to a professional level. With a range of masterclasses and retraining courses, the academy becomes a leader in education in the field of permanent makeup. The courses are designed to provide comprehensive education, from theoretical foundations to practical skills, with an emphasis on current trends, safety protocols, and the latest techniques.

From October 31, 2023, every graduate of the "Permanent Makeup Expert" retraining course can look forward to an exceptional advantage: a 10% discount on the entire range of permanent makeup supplies from the academy's partner, Celtic Supply. This offer enables new permanent makeup specialists to start their practice with quality materials and tools essential for providing services at the highest level.

"Permanent Makeup Expert" Course: This 300-hour retraining course is carefully structured to provide participants with a deep understanding of all aspects of permanent makeup, including the practical part and preparation for the final exam. The course fee is set at 50,000 CZK.

Professional Qualification and Elite Expert PMU by Biotek Milano: Graduates also have the opportunity to take professional qualification exams and become certified experts in permanent makeup (PMU). Additionally, the academy offers special prices for Elite Expert PMU services by Biotek Milano, with prices starting at 5,000 CZK for lips, eyebrows, and eyeliner. This offer represents a unique opportunity for clients to receive premium services from trained professionals under the Amazing Beauty Academy brand.

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At Amazing Beauty Academy, a passion for beauty meets expertise and innovation. The academy not only equips its students with the skills and knowledge needed for a successful career in permanent makeup but also provides them with the support and resources they need to develop their practice. Join Amazing Beauty Academy and discover your potential in the art of permanent makeup.


Expand your range of services with workshops for beauticians from leading experts in the field. For beauticians looking to expand their services and increase their expertise, we offer a series of specialized workshops focused on the latest trends and techniques in skin care and beauty. Our workshops, which include chemical peels, mesotherapy, maderotherapy, and eyelash extension application, are designed to provide practical knowledge and skills that you can immediately implement into your salon's offerings.

  1. Chemical Peels Workshop. Discover everything about chemical peels, including BioRePeelCL3 and Md:ceuticals. This workshop covers application protocols, product properties, indications and contraindications, client preparation, and post-peel care. Gain a deep understanding of how chemical peels can revitalize and rejuvenate the skin, and how to safely achieve the best results.

  2. Mesotherapy in Cosmetology Workshop. Discover the power of mesotherapy to treat the area around the eyes, face, neck, décolleté, hands, problematic skin with acne, and the scalp against hair loss. The cocktail therapy represents an innovative approach to targeted care, which this workshop will allow you to fully understand and apply.

  3. Maderotherapy Workshop. Expand your salon's services with maderotherapy, a highly sought-after natural body therapy that uses specially shaped wooden tools to massage and stimulate the body. This course will provide you with all the information and techniques needed to offer this popular service.

  4. Eyelash Extension and Lamination Workshop / Lash Artist. Become masters in applying extensions and laminating lashes, with techniques from single lash to 2D up to 5D techniques. This intensive workshop will teach you everything from the basics to advanced techniques that will enhance the look of every client.

School Fields

Amazing Beauty Academy: Your Path to Professional Success in Cosmetics. In the heart of Prague, the Amazing Beauty Academy prides itself on presenting a wide range of innovative educational programs designed for those who wish to become professionals in the cosmetic industry or want to expand their existing skills. From mesotherapy, maderotherapy, permanent makeup, to makeup, manicure, pedicure, to eyelash extensions, our academy offers comprehensive courses based on rich theoretical knowledge, practical experiences of our instructors, authorial techniques, and proven practices of world schools.

Individual Approach for Maximum Success

We believe that the key to success is an individual approach. Each student has unique needs and goals, so we strive to offer personalized assistance in selecting the course that best suits their ambitions and prerequisites. Graduates of our accredited retraining courses will not only receive an Amazing Beauty certificate but also a certification that is a step towards obtaining a business license, allowing an immediate start to a career in cosmetic services.

Qualifications Recognized in Europe

Our courses are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic and meet the requirements of the National Qualification, which means that certificates obtained in our academy are recognized throughout the European Union. This represents a significant advantage for those wishing to work not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad.

Practice Comes First

We believe that practical experience is indispensable. Therefore, each of our programs is designed so that 60 to 80% of learning time is dedicated to practical training. In this way, we guarantee that graduates leave our courses with real skills, necessary for successful practice in the cosmetic sector.

Workshops and Masterclasses in Small Groups

Our courses, conducted in the form of workshops and masterclasses, are held in small groups. This allows for maximum interaction between students and teachers and ensures that each participant receives the individual attention and support needed to achieve their goals. Workshop courses take place in specially equipped and furnished classrooms, where the latest educational materials and technologies are used.

Amazing Beauty Academy: Your Partner on the Path to Professionalism

At the Amazing Beauty Academy, we are proud to offer educational programs that will not only enrich your professional skills but also allow you to grow and develop in a dynamic and ever-changing world of cosmetics. Join us and let your career flourish with the support of one of Prague's most respected academies.


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