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The Best Treatments to Do This Summer


Amazing Beauty Academy

Come summer, not every skin-perfecting, fat-zapping, age-preventing treatment is a hot-weather must. In fact, plenty of doctors actually warn against having certain aesthetic procedures performed during the summer months because of increased sun exposure, which can hinder results. That doesn’t mean that everything is off limits—plenty of sun-safe treatments can be done, as long as they are timed out just right and good sunscreen is applied in conjunction.
  • Biorevitalization or bioreparation - deep hydration of the skin, especially important before holidays and after exposure to UV rays;
  • Mesotherapy - regeneration, brightening, turning off and rejuvenating the skin;
  • Facial cleansing treatments - removes dead skin cells and blackheads from the skin;
  • BioRePeelCL3 - biostimulatory revitalizing peeling, which has no photosensitizing effect;
  • Injection procedures - correction of facial contour, botulinum toxin, treatment of hyperhidrosis.
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